Design the perfect man cave

Owning their own man cave is probably every man’s dream. A space that they can call their own and really relax in is at the top of many a wishlist for men. With comfort being at the forefront of the design world, man caves are growing in popularity and are somewhat of an essential feature of homes up and down the country. Whether its a space that celebrates a beloved hobby, somewhere to chill and play video games or a stylish bar, with our fantastic interior design ideas, you can make it look amazing.

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brick wall cladding panel internal brick living room

Using brick veneer in interior and exterior design

Brick veneer adds character to any room by serving as a focal point or presenting itself as a backdrop that either compliments or contrasts the other design elements. Whether you want rustic or industrial, the use of brick veneer adds beauty and texture to an otherwise bland room. Below are a few uses for brick veneer.

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How to create a luxury bedroom

We all spend a significant amount of time in our bedrooms, yet often it is the last room we really pay any attention to when it comes to choosing a decorating scheme. The latest trends for bedrooms are based on replicating the style you would expect to see in a superior five-star hotel.

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manhattan brick wall cladding panel retail interiors

5 industrial interior design ideas for your bathroom

The industrial interior design trend is still big news and is highly suited to the bathroom interior. This minimalist look that encompasses metals, matte black and the natural beauty of stone and wood. It is both eye-catching and practical. Below we explore 5 industrial interior design ideas for your bathroom.

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stone stack wall cladding panel interior design bathrooms

Stone veneer: the flexible option

As the cold weather settles in, there is stone veneer on every Instagram feed. Cosy fireplaces and warming kitchen stoves, people are using this old favourite in new and interesting ways. Winter is a great time to rethink your interior design and upgrade cold, unwelcoming spaces with an easy-to-install highlight. Our experts take a look at some of the most popular ways to get that cosy look from stone veneer:

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wooden wall cladding panel modern interior living room

A brief guide to using wood in interior design

Wood has long been used by interior designers and furniture-makers as a functional and aesthetically pleasing material. In fact, some woodwork techniques such as timber framing have been in use for millennia. First developed by the Romans around 50 AD, this framing technique went on to be used in increasingly impressive structures across the world and is still employed today.

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stone stack wall cladding panel interior design living room

Stone in Interior Design

The use of natural stone in interior design has really taken off in the past couple of years. Stone interiors really appeal to younger homeowners in particular, with the Millennial generation embracing the use of all types of natural material as they look to put their own unique stamp on the places they live. As more and more people choose to use natural stone, we’re looking at how various materials are being used in interior design and where the trend could go next.

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Introducing fashion forward colours to your interior design

Keeping your living space up-to-date can be time-consuming and expensive, and yet we all want our homes to reflect modern design trends. An easy way to inject some design-conscious elements into your home is to introduce a colour scheme alongside your existing furniture, and if you need any help choosing the most aesthetically pleasing colour palettes, then you should look no further than the Pantone Colour Institute.

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black wall cladding panels living room

Modulo by Alsecco

At Alsecco, we specialise in the development, design, and manufacture of products that help you to create iconic facades and beautiful interiors. Seeking to provide innovation, sustainability, and creativity in one, our collection includes systems to suit every architectural style, performance requirement, and budget.

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How to design a New York loft style living room

There's nothing more chic and eye-catching than the classic New York loft apartment design, which combines class and simplicity to create a timeless and immediately recognizable style. Of course, most of us don't have millions to buy our own downtown apartments, but that doesn't mean we can't recreate the same look in your living room on this side of the pond.

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stack wall cladding panel for rustic exteriors design

A Feast of Finishes

There’s a thin line between striking minimalism and an unfinished appearance. With the industry faced with mounting challenges, companies are increasingly forced to make more out of less. This can require a creative approach to time and budgetary management, strong-arming clients and contractors alike into unattractive compromises; with aesthetics often giving way to practical utility.

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