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Stone veneer: the flexible option

As the cold weather settles in, there is stone veneer on every Instagram feed. Cosy fireplaces and warming kitchen stoves, people are using this old favourite in new and interesting ways. Winter is a great time to rethink your interior design and upgrade cold, unwelcoming spaces with an easy-to-install highlight. Our experts take a look at some of the most popular ways to get that cosy look from stone veneer:

Make your fireplace the heart of the home

Fireplaces were traditionally a place where the family gathered to spend their evenings together. But today’s fireplaces are smaller and colder, often ignored in favour of a TV. Bring your family back together by emphasising your fireplace. It is simple to install a stone veneer around the fire, or across the entire fireplace wall. This will make a feature out of a previously unused spot. Choose warming Oslo Grey to complement an open fire or use Reno Marble to bring out the modern lines of an electric stove.

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Warm-up your kitchen

Natural stone walls in the kitchen are an ideal way to warm up a utilitarian space. They are simple to clean and provide a practical solution for a well-used space. Exciting new trends show the warming red hues of the Broadway Brick behind old farmhouse kitchen stoves. Or if you have a small space, pick a small wall to clad in a low-key colour. Make sure you pick a hue which complements any existing tiles for the best result.

Freshen tired bathrooms

Ever popular in other areas of the home, stone veneer panels are fast making in-roads into bathroom interior design. The ideal solution for a small en suite or downstairs washroom, they are waterproof, easy to clean, and bring a pop of gentle colour to a small space. Pick a wall behind a shower or washbasin and make sure you have enough for wall-to-wall coverage. This will capitalise on small or narrow spaces, making them seem larger.

Ever popular, stone veneer is fast becoming the ‘statement wall’ of choice and offers a neat and tidy way to make your house cosy this winter.

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