How to create a luxury bedroom

We all spend a significant amount of time in our bedrooms, yet often it is the last room we really pay any attention to when it comes to choosing a decorating scheme. The latest trends for bedrooms are based on replicating the style you would expect to see in a superior five-star hotel.

Floor styles

The starting point for any room should always be the flooring. Marble is always an excellent option for a luxurious feel and will never be out of style. Unfortunately, marble is expensive and difficult to lay – however, floor tiles with a marble effect can make a great substitute on a budget.

Rugs are another option to give a softcover for your feet when you hop out of bed. The choices are endless and many styles will look good on a marble effect floor. Sheepskin and other imitation fur effect rugs will instantly add warmth and lend to a romantic bedroom theme. For a modern theme, you could opt for classic wool or wool effect rug. However, for a Mediterranean/exotic theme, you might want to avoid a rug and simply enjoy the full effect of the marble floor.

Furniture choices

The next decision is your style of furniture. The bed is the focal point for any bedroom and also the largest piece of furniture, so needs to be considered carefully. A good quality bed could last a lifetime and is definitely a good investment. Dark wood furniture and a modern four-poster will make an amazing feature in any bedroom. Alternatively, a metal bed with an ornate frame will also provide a stunning focal point. Choosing the rest of your furniture then becomes a lot easier. You can choose to stay with the same style as your bed or contrast it with a different style.

Wall coverings

Now you have to choose your wall coverings. Contrasting natural wall coverings work perfectly with a marble effect floor or wooden flooring. With our extensive range of wall coverings, you can easily choose to imitate the effect of brick, stone or marble. Modulo by Alsecco offers the Reno Marble wall covering. This is an easy way to create a marble effect that adds instant luxury and, with a mixture of smooth and rough surfaces, will bring depth to any wall.

Window covers

Shutters look great with marble floor and fit well with an exotic or Mediterranean theme. You could opt for natural wood or painted depending on the style of the rest of your furniture.

Blinds are a less expensive option to shutters and natural wooden blinds will also look great with an exotic or Mediterranean theme. Alternatively, you could opt for metal blinds if you are creating a modern style or fabric for a softer, more romantic feel.

Curtains soften a bedroom with marble effect floors and marble or modern effect wall coverings can be done by the addition of luxurious floor-length curtains. Velvet or silk will always add glamour and work well with any feminine style. Alternatively, linen effect curtains will complement a more modern design.

Final additions

This is the fun part. Your bed covers need to complement the chosen theme. To emulate a five-star hotel, stick with high-quality cotton sheets, duvets covers and pillowcases in plain cream or white. You can then add interest and colour with velvet or silk cushions.

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