Design the perfect man cave

Owning their own man cave is probably every man’s dream. A space that they can call their own and really relax in is at the top of many a wishlist for men. With comfort being at the forefront of the design world, man caves are growing in popularity and are somewhat of an essential feature of homes up and down the country. Whether its a space that celebrates a beloved hobby, somewhere to chill and play video games or a stylish bar, with our fantastic interior design ideas, you can make it look amazing.

Go with your function

The whole purpose of a man cave is that it is a space that celebrates what you love. It’s your space and that really does mean that you can afford to go big in your design ideas. Since the spaces allocated to men in the home are usually small, the interior design generally works best if you really do go with the theme. If you intend to use the space as a music room, for instance, consider hanging instruments on the wall or maybe hanging pictures that feature musical notation from your favourite songs. If you are a sports fan, hang memorabilia from your favourite team or if you are creating a space to unwind with a drink or two, include some barstools to recreate that bar feeling. Whatever your theme, our stone tile, brick interior or wood veneer wall panels are sure to complement it perfectly.


When we picture the typical man cave, we usually conjure up images of a dark and dingy space. This really doesn’t have to be the case, however. Just like you would consider how lighting can help create the right mood and ambience in any other part of the house, you should also think carefully about it in the man cave too. It is usually best, given that man caves are usually small rooms, to ensure that they receive as much light as possible to help them appear bigger. You could do this by making the most of any natural light that you have but you should also consider a mixture of wall lighting, lamps and ceiling mounted lighting so that you can mix up the atmosphere when needed.

Colour scheme

It can be tempting when thinking about the colour scheme for your man cave to opt for traditionally masculine colours. Many think instantly of black, grey or even dark green but these colours could make your room appear gloomy and miserable. The best way to really celebrate your room is to keep the colour scheme as neutral as possible. This way, it is the finishing touches that stand out, those items that celebrate who you are. Our wall panels are sure to perfectly complement any of your personal effects. Plus, if you opt for lighter, more neutral colours, you will help ensure that your space appears bigger.

Take a look at our range of Modulo wall panels. You are sure to find something that will really finish off your new man cave perfectly.