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5 industrial interior design ideas for your bathroom

The industrial interior design trend is still big news and is highly suited to the bathroom interior. This minimalist look that encompasses metals, matte black and the natural beauty of stone and wood. It is both eye-catching and practical. Below we explore 5 industrial interior design ideas for your bathroom.

1. Wood to create that natural look

Wood is now being incorporated into the industrial themed bathroom as it helps to soften and bring the whole look together. Wood can be in the form of reclaimed wood that is rustic in appearance. Wood panelling and the wood veneer are also top trends that create a soft and natural feel to the bathroom. Wooden accessories such as stools and storage boxes are also a nice touch.

2. Add a pop of colour

The industrial look is now incorporating soft pastels such as pale blue and mint to produce a much softer industrial look that is warm and inviting. Colours can be seen in wall tiles, accessories and painted wood. Such soft shades are additionally favoured within colour psychology; studies show that light shades can calm people down and make them feel relaxed.

3. The concrete look

One core look for the industrial styled bathroom is that of concrete. This can be a rough and porous concrete that has been sealed or, alternatively, it can be presented in a polished finish. Although usually seen as a floor covering, it is now being used on walls. Concrete shelving is also a huge trend in the industrial bathroom.

4. Choose metal

The use of metallics is as strong as ever. The trend now is to use softer and warmer looking metals such as gold, bronze and copper. It can be added in the form of taps, edges to mirrors, soap dispensers and light fixtures. Not only do these metals help to reflect light, but they work so well with concrete and wood.

5. Matte black

When the industrial bathroom has natural materials such as wood and concrete, then it is very easy to add matte black accessories to complete the look. This may be in the form of black tap-ware, tumblers, or even accent tiles or veneers.

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