Stone in Interior Design

The use of natural stone in interior design has really taken off in the past couple of years. Stone interiors really appeal to younger homeowners in particular, with the Millennial generation embracing the use of all types of natural material as they look to put their own unique stamp on the places they live. As more and more people choose to use natural stone, we’re looking at how various materials are being used in interior design and where the trend could go next.

The ideal choice for living spaces

There has been a trend over the past few years towards ‘bringing the outdoors in’, taking natural materials such as wood and stone and using them to enhance living space. There are all sorts of advantages to using stone in both domestic and commercial spaces. A stone veneer can act as a wonderful accent wall, creating an eye-catching feature which offsets the plainer walls around it.

A stacked stone wall in a living or dining room, for instance, adds instant aesthetic appeal to a space often used for entertaining. Split-face stone veneers such as the Brasilia Arctic have natural variations in colour and texture, giving them an innate charm which can add something special to a family room. These types of complex veneer work particularly well in rooms where the walls are painted in block colour, as heavily patterned wallpaper doesn’t allow that texture to shine quite so brightly.

In the bathroom, the sleekness of marble can create a feeling of hotel-style luxury. Marble exudes a sense of opulence, making it the perfect choice for a room where you want to indulge and unwind with a soak in the bath. In the kitchen, limestone can make an eye-catching feature and something like the Fresco Old Stone can create a sense of flow which is ideally suited to a busy workspace.

Adding edge to commercial space

Stone interiors are also perfect for commercial spaces such as retail outlets. A stone veneer is a cost-effective way of adding some wow factor to public areas, and it’s low to no maintenance, making it ideal for areas where there will be heavy footfall. A stacked stone wall or a marble wall can open a space up and make it feel more elegant, and people are more likely to buy when they feel impressed by their surroundings.

For shopfitters, stone provides an easy and convenient way to make a bold interior design statement, something which is memorable for customers and more likely to see them return. It’s also distinctly modern and on trend, appealing to those who have money to spend.

See how it could work for you

Modulo by Alsecco has the greatest range of stone veneers to choose from, making it easy for you to find something which will work in your home or commercial space. Stone is one of the most exciting interior design materials to work with, allowing you to really make your mark and create something stunningly beautiful and unique. Simply browse our online collection, to see how stone could work for you, or get in touch for further advice and guidance.