Introducing fashion forward colours to your interior design

Keeping your living space up-to-date can be time-consuming and expensive, and yet we all want our homes to reflect modern design trends. An easy way to inject some design-conscious elements into your home is to introduce a colour scheme alongside your existing furniture, and if you need any help choosing the most aesthetically pleasing colour palettes, then you should look no further than the Pantone Colour Institute. 

The Pantone influence

Every year the organisation announces a ‘colour of the year’ - the 2016 colours were rose quartz and a pale mauve/blue called serenity which perfectly captured the current interest in relaxation and mindfulness. These colours influenced fashion trends and found their way onto the High Street in everything from phone cases to scatter cushions and nail varnish! So, if you want some steer towards the popular colours for 2020, keep an eye on the Pantone Colour Institute website!

Using statement colours

How you choose to work with a particular colour palette is entirely up to you, but it is worth thinking about how an injection of say, Living Coral (the current Pantone shade for 2019), might fit into your existing space. The addition of a dramatic colour feature will be a distinctive talking point, so introduce these pops of colour thoughtfully to avoid overwhelming the eye. Keep some elements neutral, using natural materials to retain a pleasant background ambience. 

Natural materials are the perfect canvas!

Natural materials provide a perfect foundation upon which you can chop and change colour themes and interior design trends as the mood takes you.

A wood veneer finish like Modulo Woodie Stack Old Barn can add a rustic, urban or industrial interior design vibe to your home. Sustainable and full of natural charm, it is the perfect backdrop for a modern design-conscious look or alongside more traditional Scandi-style furniture.

Modulo Manhattan will bring the white brick interior of those uber-fashionable loft conversation apartments to your living room. It’s a look that cleverly marries urban chic with the calming ambience that comes with classic white walls and open plan spaces. 

Whatever colour Pantone choose for 2020, you can be an early adopter, adding fashion-forward elements alongside a backdrop of beautiful and adaptable natural materials.