How to design a New York loft style living room

There's nothing more chic and eye-catching than the classic New York loft apartment design, which combines class and simplicity to create a timeless and immediately recognizable style. Of course, most of us don't have millions to buy our own downtown apartments, but that doesn't mean we can't recreate the same look in your living room on this side of the pond.

The trick to recreating a loft-style apartment is in the details. The NYC loft look hails from the popularity of converting warehouses and factories into apartments in New York during the 1950s. NYC lofts have lots of open space, big windows, and 'stripped back' interiors. Here are some decor tips for re-imagining this style in your own home.

Stick to neutrals

Bright, bold colours were never a feature in NYC lofts; these rooms are meant to look minimalist and calming. Think beige and stone shades.

For a feature wall, consider letting a natural brick wall exist without any decoration!

Recreate the brick look

If your home isn't already furnished with open brick walls, you can always use brick slips on your walls to recreate the NYC bare brick loft feeling. Brick slips are a cost-effective way to achieve an authentic brick interior.

Cut the clutter

Loft living is about open spaces; originally, NYC lofts were very popular with musicians and artists who wanted a space that they could both sleep in and work in, so space was at a premium. Do away with clutter and unnecessary furniture, and embrace open plan living.

Industrial materials

When factories and warehouses were converted in the 50s, many of their industrial features, such as open brickwork and pipes, were left in. Utilizing industrial materials like unfinished woods and metal furniture will give your living room a contemporary loft feel without having to go to the lengths of exposing your plumbing.

Accessorize, simply

Decluttering doesn't have to mean getting rid of all of your accessories and knick-knacks, but those you do hold onto should be simple and inexpensive. DIY ornaments, plants, rocks, and other neutral accessories will all contribute to the toned-down, shabby-chic style of the NYC loft aesthetic.

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